Fiction, Meet the Future

A few years ago, in the aftermath of a mass shooting, I began a novel. I needed a new character, a new theme and a new setting. I chose rural Colorado, and created a person named Cici. Gun control was the theme.

Gun control. The middle ground is drowned out, shouted down. The extremes - the "Cold, Dead Fingers" crowd on the one hand, the gun banners on the other, shout past each other with tirades that only harden. One is persuaded not of the need for additional gun control, but of the necessity to abandon social media for being, well, anti-social.

What happens if one extreme holds sway, and imposes their will on the other? Since only government has that capacity... What happens to the officers who are at ground zero, face the unenviable task of doing things the Founding Fathers were afraid of?

A More Perfect Union may not answer every question. It will make you think about how difficult this subject truly is.